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In 1837-8, the wagons of the Voortrekkers were brought down the slopes of the Drakensberg mountains into Natal, and many came through here, into the future Pietermaritzburg.

Signs of the old route can still be seen. There is a magnificent view of Pietermaritzburg, table mountain and the surrounding country. The old Voortrekker road is a national monument. 

(Editors Note)

As I had completed the photos and was heading back towards Hilton along the narrow road away from the Worlds View area, I almost sensed an Ox Wagon just ahead of the car and a child not more than ten years old looking back from inside the wagon right at my car. He had blond hair, it was as if he was staring at this strange creature on four wheels from across the gulf of two centuries. It was the strangest sensation. There are so many untold stories of ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things on a daily basis so long ago, of families who really just wanted to survive as best they could. We are their legacy and how we remember them is by memorials such as the one we have at Worlds View.

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