The Relocation Specialist who loves what she does.

Raised in Zimbabwe on a sugar farm I had the privileged up- bringing in terms of the freedom of the farm, the free spirit that it allowed this animal loving girl totally indulge in helping as many as she came across, not forgetting all the small creatures of this world. I am passionate about the well-being of all animals and live by the belief:

“ you can tell a lot about people as to how they love and treat all animals.”

Be that aside, too, am I passionate about assisting people relocating to our picturesque City and the surroundings. 33 years of been a resident of the area and an Real Estate Agent since 2000, has taught me much about the places, people and purpose. The places that you will need, the people that will add value to your life and the purpose of your relocation, I will be there every step of the way to make all of this easier for you.

I’m always only a contact away, be it on  my cell, WhatsApp or email.


RE/MAX Midlands
196 Peter Kerchoff Road
Tel: +27 33 345 8256
Cell / Whatsapp: +27 83 631 4349

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