Henriette Pelzer


Henriëtte Pelzer – Introduction

Having worked in the retail sector for the past 17 years (you will recognise me as the “Bargain Basket lady”), I realize that success in the business world is in every way dependent on how well you look after your clients.  I undertake to give exceptional service to all potential buyers and sellers in all property related matters.
Ek is ten volle tweetalig en sien uit daarna om my Afrikaanse kliënte in hul moedertaal te bedien en van raad te voorsien.

I will be working in both the commercial and residential property sectors:

From experience I know that as an investor or business owner, you need a commercial real estate broker who is more than just a middle man. You need a professional who understands the ins and outs of the market to help you find and secure the most efficient space at the most competitive price possible.
Maximising Property Potential is what commercial property is all about!

We all know that buying or selling residential property is a "heart" thing!
Your home will be your sanctuary and probably your biggest single investment!
I will dedicate myself to working tirelessly on your behalf to achieve the results you are looking for at the best price in the shortest period of time.
Whether it be commercial or residential - Passionate excellence is what I offer!
Truths are compelling. If you are thinking of selling, I have the buyers I’m telling!

Feite gee hoop. As jy wil verkoop – ek het kliënte wat wil koop!


Email: h.pelzer@harcourts.co.za

Cell: 083 256 5447

Landline: 033 342 3340

Visit us at : 36 Howick Road. Athlone. Pietermaritzburg 3201

Visit our website: www.harcourtsparklane.co.za




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