Welcome to Gudgeis Shisa Nyama

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Trading hours

Open 7 days a week 

Monday  - Thursday      7 am - 6pm

Friday - Saturday    7am - 7pm

Sunday   8am - 5pm

When liquor licence comes through which is any day now the hours will be extended. 

We offer:

# Butchery -  Full Oval sets available on Order
# Hot Deli
#  Braai facilities 
#  TV Lounge / Sports bar

● Gudgies proud ourselves in having a neat tidy and hygienic facility. 
●  Our Deli  offers Traditional foods such as, Pap, Phutu,  Spinach, Fried Cabbage, Tripe, Jeqe (steam bread), Fried Chicken,  Russians,  Chakalaka aswell as Beef or Mutton Curry. 

Come and enjoy a festive music filled traditional African time!


Tel: 033 342 4163 





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