Welcome to Currys Post

At our tranquil farm lodge in the KZN Midlands we aim to make you feel at home in the country; whether you are on holiday, attending a business conference or enjoying a memorable wedding stay in the area.  

We are perched on top of a hill with spectacular views over the Karkloof Mountains and Valley.  At our back we have beautiful natural forest and plantations which offer our guests peaceful strolls and a well needed escape from the hustle and bustle of life.  We trust you won’t mind if you have a little company for part of the way from one of our very spoilt four legged friends, and as you saunter through our grounds feel free to stop in and say hello to our horses frolicking in the paddocks.

We can guarantee that you will leave our Lodge feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Co-Ords: -29.3773833,30.1509043
76 (Old) Currys Post Road, Currys Post
Kwazulu Natal
+27 (0)82 882 8051


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