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About us:

Balance Sport & Wellness is a multidisciplinary practice based in Parklane Centre, Pietermaritzburg, consisting of a team of experienced professionals working together to reduce pain and improve your rehabilitation outcomes for the whole family.
The team consists of

  • Biokinetics,
  • Chiropractic,
  • Physiotherapy and
  • Massage Therapy.


Our aim is to make our patients journey back to pain free living, a successful and sustainable one. We meet you where you are at – whether that is a scholar, an elite international sportsperson, weekend warrior, desk jockey, or average joe – and help you back to health.

A Brief History:

Balance Sport & Wellness was started by 3 well known professionals, Biokineticist, Nicky Irvine, Chiropractor, Dr Helen Schlebusch and Physiotherapist, Claudia Lepera in April 2016. Working as a team in each patient's case has proved to increase prolonged, sustained recovery from injury or ailment.

Our Services:

Areas of special interest at the clinic include sports injuries in children and adults, with all our practitioners having worked with international and national athletes. Chiropractic has a niche area in the treatment of babies suffering from Collic and latching / feeding problems as well as any muscular skeletal injuries.

Our Physiotherapists have developed skills in the areas of

  • vestibular rehabilitation – treatment of the dizzy patient, as well as neurological based
  • Physiotherapy for children. Our Biokineticists are skilled at helping - young and old - get back to their passion for sport post injury, as well as optimising their performance and preperation for races and competitions.
  • Our Massage Therapist is trained in releasing muscle tension associated with trauma, day to day living and sport.


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Contact Details:
Phone:   033 345 4020
Twitter:  @BalSportWell
Operating hours 08:00 am to 05:00pm


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