Andre Pienaar Biokineticists is a Biokinetic practice run on the premises of the Body Dynamics Gym in Pietermaritzburg. 
Our Mission is to deliver individual, evidence-based exercise programs, for patients and athletes, based on insight and wisdom developed from a strong scientific foundation and years of experience.

Our Goals

  • To treat the patient in a holistic manner
  • To aim that optimal muscle performance for each patient is achieved
  • To create an environment for optimal rehabilitation and prevention, based on experience,wisdom and science

Services On Offer

We practice in:

  • Cardiac, Lifestyle and Orthopaedic Rehab, incl medical history screening ,pre-exercuse physical evaluation and readiness assessment; lifestyle evalutation, ergological testing and evaluation of body segments for specific injuries.

  • High performance conditioning for all athletes, incl. sub-maximal physical sport specific testing( flexibility, explosive power, aerobic fitness)

  • Vitality testing

  • Sports massage

  • Weight loss intervention (calculation of target heart rate ext.)

  • Body composition evaliation


Andre Pienaar Biokineticists
Body Dynamics Building
No 1 Alan Paton Avenue
Tel/Fax: 033 394 3662





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